~ Tuesday, November 26, 2002
More conservative bias from the New York Times

A new New York Times poll not only shows that Republican policies are unpopular -- it shows that Republicans themselves are no more popular than Democrats.

Of course, you would never know that from reading the headline or even the article, both of which are typical examples of the mandatory right-wing New York Times spin of all polling and political articles. In the authorized conservative media elite version printed by the Times, most Amercians favor Republicans and almost half look unfavorably on Democrats.

If you actually look at the numbers, though, you see that both for favorability and unfavorability, Democrats and Republicans are within the margin of error. That's right, the poll shows a statistical tie. In favorability, the Republicans are at 51%, the Democrats at 45%, and the margin of error is 3%, which means there is a significant chance that the true percentages are 48% to 48%. On unfavorability, the numbers are even closer, at 44% for Democrats and 39% for Republicans.

Even leaving aside that the poll shows a statistical tie, it is hard to see how the Times could have spun this more ardently to confirm their conservative bias. Barely half of Americans look favorably on the Republicans, but all we hear from the Times is that most Americans favor them. More Americans have favorable than unfavorable views of the Democrats, but all we hear from the Times is that almost half of Americans oppose them (which could just well apply to the Republicans).

I suppose there is something to be said for predictability in life. With their lastest conservative spin, the Times shows they haven't changed. And I am counting on one other rock of stability in this world of flux. I haven't been to Kausfiles yet today, but I guarantee ol' Mick will censure the article for supposed liberal bias.

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